Himalayan and Persian Cats

DNA testing in Persian & Himalayan Cats: 

All of the GIL-V TALES breeding cats are DNA tested. 


We proudly DNA test ALL of the cats used in our breeding program using the Optimal Selection Health panel.  The genetic disorders that are of most concern in the Persian / Himalayan breed group are: 



Feline polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is the most common inherited disease in cats. It affects mainly Persian and Persian-type cats but other breeds or mixed breeds can also be affected. Feline polycystic kidney disease causes the formation of fluid-filled renal cysts that can lead to renal failure. A point mutation in the PKD1 gene has been identified as the most common genetic mutation for the disease. The inheritance pattern is autosomal dominant. No homozygous cats have been identified, which suggests that the mutation is a homozygous lethal mutation in utero.



GM1 gangliosidosis is a fatal hereditary neurodegenerative disorder caused by a dysfunction in lysosomal storage. Enzyme deficiency leads to excessive accumulation of substrates within the lysosomes of neurons and glial cells. This leads to cellular dysfunction, degeneration, and eventual neuronal death. The first symptom of the disease is a fine head or limb tremor. Neurological symptoms progress into severe ambulatory problems, blindness, and epileptiform seizures. The disease has been reported in Siamese, Korat, Persian, and Domestic Shorthair cats. A causative mutation for the disease has been found which shows an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance.  


Learn more about the feline Optimal Selection panel here


On each of our cat's webpages you will find a link to their DNA result (these results are public).


NOTE that Optimal Selection is always updating their testing database. As new genetic markers for potential disorders are discovered, our cat's DNA will continue to be analyzed and updated. 


Gil-V Tales is very pleased and excited to announce that International Winner, Breed Winner, Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Gil-V Tales Sir Fuzzy Butt has earned the following in the TICA 2018-2019 show year:​

  • Very Best Himalayan Internationally
  • 24th Best Allbreed Cat Internationally

  • 10th Best Longhair Cat Internationally

  • Best Red Point Himalayan Internationally

  • Very Best Allbreed Cat in the South Eastern Region
  • Best Longhair Cat in the South Eastern Region
  • Best Himalayan Cat in the South Eastern Region